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What Sells Exhibitors?

Last month we resent one of our most popular white papers “Are Trade Shows Worth It?” Surprisingly the open and download rates were even higher than the first time. Why?

Maybe our list is improved (it has) or we picked a good day to send it (not sure about that), but we suspect it’s because organizers are increasingly challenged with this question from exhibitors who are faced with justifying the expense of trade shows compared to other methods of engaging their target audience and generating leads.

Your sales staff meets this question daily when making calls to new and current exhibitors, and are in need of ammunition to convince exhibitors that “it is worth it” to exhibit and/or sponsor at your show or event. Therefore, the title probably hit a sensitive nerve and caused downloads. So here are a few rounds of ammunition for the sales staff, and perhaps the marketing support team, to use when selling exhibitors.

So what sells exhibitors?

Here are the four questions relevant to exhibits managers, and below each are suggestions on what you might do to answer them and sell your show – either to a new or repeat exhibitor.

1. Does the trade show fit my target market, and are there enough attendees who fit my buyer profile to make the expense and effort worthwhile?

2. Do I feel confident that this year’s show will deliver the promised attendee volume and facility quality?

3. Are there risks in exhibiting at this show?

4. Will I gain personally from this decision in my job and career?

The organizer’s sales process needs to meet the question of “Are Trade Shows Worth It?” that is being increasingly asked of exhibit managers by their marketing executives. The best sales B2B process always addresses the four common needs and questions outlined in this whitepaper. This is further made difficult for organizers, as most of the sales communication is by phone and not face-to-face with the exception of on the show floor during the last show.

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