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A Common Data Element Underused

When business people are asked to fill out any registration form, they provide their name, title and company without any hesitation for that is who they are in their business life. This information is accurate 99% of the time, as only someone who is attempting to conceal their identity for privacy or competitive reasons will not volunteer this data.

Other than correcting obvious misspellings, the title field is just recorded and used in future communications as inputted without further analysis and/or segmentation. Yet, the title field is accurate, descriptive of functional responsibility, an input into “personas” (a hot marketing topic) and totally underutilized. Why?

It’s because no one has categorized them into title levels and functional responsibility. This key descriptor thus remains underused. With DHM’s Title Maximizer this capability now exists.

What is Title Maximizer?

Title Maximizer is a file of 396,327 unique titles gathered and categorized from over 25 years working with trade shows and B2B companies.

These titles are categorized into six logical management levels as follows:

  • Owner/Partner/Board Member

  • Sr. Management (VP and above)

  • Mid Management (Director and Managers)

  • Entry Level Management (Supervisors and Team Leaders)

  • Non-Management

  • Other (about 15% of the file)

Then the titles are further formatted into 30 functional areas. Some examples are:

  • Accounting/finance

  • Operation

  • Human resources

  • Purchasing

  • IT

  • R&D

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Operations

Read more about Title Maximizer on our just published white paper HOW TO USE TITLES TO DRIVE ATTENDEE REGISTRATION.

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