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Is Direct Mail Dead?

Survey results say...

NO! Direct mail response rates have been climbing.

Direct mail is back in the marketing mix and is better than before!

We always look at the data to see what the story is telling us. The comeback King for marketing in 2018 has been Direct Mail. Registrations, enrollments and interest has been driven and closed through direct mail pieces in the company inboxes of attendees.

Email and other marketing channels have supported the conversation, but direct mail is still paying dividends to smart marketers.

5 Ways to Save Money on Direct Mail

1. Clean Up

List hygiene is critical to successful delivery. Run your list through CASS and NCOA to standardize delivery and find any companies that have moved locations. Don't skip on the basics.

2. Stay Centered

Maintain a central suppression database. While there may be a short list of companies you don't want to market to, you can shave off $$$ by suppressing current registrations and exhibitors. If they already signed up, send them an e-mail instead and offer value by featuring what they can expect at your event.

3. Reduce Your Footprint

Resist the temptation to over saturate a location by sending everyone and their secretary a mail piece. Compare your prior registrations to the number of mailings going into an organization - are they in sync with the number of individuals the organizations sends each year? If not, re-evaluate and reduce the pieces going to that company to key individuals only.

4. Being Ignored?

Identify "Non-Responsive" locations that have never responded to your offer. While these companies don't know what they are missing, smart marketing strategy calls for reallocating your efforts into an avenue they might like better. How about a phone call?

5. Be a Sherlock

Investigate your data and determine what registration segments are thriving and which ones need more attention. Reallocate direct mail efforts based on the segment behavior and response.

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