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Tradeshow Marketing Data Enrichment


This is a new custom data enrichment service for our Tradeshow, Conference, and Exposition clients. 

What is it?

Tradeshow Marketing Data Enrichment (TMDE) is a data enrichment process specifically tailored for tradeshows and events. This custom data enhancement makes your tradeshow marketing data smarter. We tailor this enrichment process to your event's unique metrics and data characteristics.

The TMDE process examines registration behavior for the individual and organization, demographic trends, and geographic bias based on the venue. It creates on average, 20 plus new smart codes to enhance your marketing data, giving you micro segmentation options that were not available or were very difficult to create within your current data base environment.


During the TMDE process, many new selectable data flags are associated to each unique attendee record. Each contact has their attendance and behavior history maintained. All these data enrichment properties add up to three major benefits to help you market your show with greater efficiency and effectiveness:

  1. You gain new smart codes that enable you to select data in new ways. Creative micro segmented messaging is at your fingertips.

  2. With the data enrichment process, you can develop new micro segments on the fly. Selections become intuitive and you save time and brain damage.

  3. Your marketing data has the key behavior and demographic selects that can power new levels of attendance, nurture the most desirable attendees, achieve greater floor density with higher conversion rates, and at a lower cost per registration.

We are happy to discuss this service in detail and explain how it can grow your event's attendance. You will find this data enrichment service to be a real difference maker! Just complete the form below to connect with us.

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