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Introducing a Game-Changing Service for Your Events: Tradeshow Marketing Data Enrichment

We're excited to offer a ground breaking data enrichment service, exclusively for our clients in the tradeshow, conference, and exposition sectors.

What Is Tradeshow Marketing Data Enrichment (TMDE)? TMDE is a sophisticated data enrichment process, meticulously crafted for tradeshows and events. By smartly enhancing your marketing data, it aligns perfectly with the unique metrics and characteristics of your event.

How Does TMDE Work?

  • In-Depth Analysis: TMDE meticulously evaluates individual and organizational registration behaviors alongside demographic trends and geographic factors linked to the venue.

  • Smart Code Generation: It produces over 20 new 'smart codes,' revolutionizing your marketing data for highly nuanced micro-segmentation, a feat challenging or impossible with your existing database.

What Are The Benefits Of TMDE?

  1. Innovative Data Selection: Gain access to new smart codes, allowing you to segment and target your audience in previously unthought-of ways.

  2. Instant Micro-Segmentation: Develop new micro-segments effortlessly. TMDE makes data selection intuitive, saving you time and streamlining your marketing process.

  3. Enhanced Marketing Effectiveness: Your enriched data now includes key behavioral and demographic selects, empowering you to boost attendance, engage high-value attendees, increase floor density, improve conversion rates, and reduce costs per registration.

Ready To Transform Your Event Marketing?

Discover how TMDE can be a game-changer for your event. Connect with us for a detailed discussion on how this service can significantly grow your event's attendance. It's not just a service - it's a transformation. Complete the form below to start the conversation.


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