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We like to keep our clients and followers informed with whitepapers specific to the Association, Tradeshow and Education verticals. The whitepapers we develop help with proven ideas regarding event marketing analysis, attendee behavior trending/analysis, and exhibitor sales concepts. 

Please feel free to download any of our free Thought Leadership whitepapers.

We would love to hear back from you and get your thoughts on any topic that we have discussed. Please email or call me with your thoughts or questions at or at 303-747-2603.

All the best on your marketing journey!

Steve Juedes

President and Founder

Direct Hit Marketing



Thought Leadership Whitepapers

How Does a Change in
Venue Impact Attendance?

Understanding the impact on attendance at the individual and organization level is the important first step in developing strategies to improve retention rates.

The information and case example discussed in this document will help you
r team develop tactics to improve overall attendance at your next tradeshow. If you alternate or rotate venues, or are considering it, read on...

Assessing and Connecting the Right Data to Grow Your Attendance (part 2)

This white paper will pick up where we left off on the importance of setting KPI's that will predict success for your show or conference. A few tradeshow industry examples that may trigger your thinking include...

Measuring the Right Data to
Grow Your Attendance (part 1)


This white paper will distill down decades of audience acquisition learnings to focus on the metrics that event and tradeshow marketers need to have front and center.  Some questions to think about...

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