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Data Simplified → Results Amplified

  • Maximize Your Sales, Minimize Your Costs, and Anticipate Future Trends with Our Exceptional Service.


  • Trust in our reliable data and insightful analysis to enhance your marketing strategies.


  • Elevate your events with greater floor density and more seats sold.


  • Gain a clear understanding of your marketing performance, powered by clean, segmented, and dependable data.


  • Make data driven marketing actions that grow quality attendance.

Data Analytics - Insights for Action

Empower Your Business with Tailored Analytics

In the dynamic world of business, programs, and events, having the right insights is crucial. That's where we come in. our analytics services are designed to resonate with your unique needs, offering clarity and direction in a complex data landscape.

Your Data, Our Expertise: Over 35 Analytic Modules

Dive deep into the story your data is telling with our suite of over 35 specialized analytic modules. From understanding attendee behavior to optimizing marketing efficiency, our tools provide comprehensive insights. Each module is crated to unearth the potential of your data, translating complex information into actionable marketing strategies.

Drive Growth with Informed Decisions

We believe in the power of data to transform. By leveraging our analytics, you're not just gathering information; you're gaining a competitive edge. Our insights are your roadmap to improved results, guiding your decisions with precision and confidence.

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BEAR IQ - Maximize Event Success

Bear IQ revolutionizes event marketing, offering a dynamic online Event Marketing Dashboard that integrates multiple, insightful marketing perspectives. With real-time analysis and instantaneous updates from your registration data, this tool empowers you to make swift, informed marketing adjustments.

Dive into your event's performance with Bear IQ's cutting-edge features:

  • Real-Time Data Analysis: Instantly access and analyze your registration data as it comes in.

  • Comprehensive Marketing Views: Explore various marketing angles through a multifaceted dashboard.

  • Key performance Indicators (KPIs): Track and highlight the most critical metrics for your event's success.

Bear IQ is more than just a dashboard; it's your partner in elevating event attendance and quality. Make data-driven decisions and watch your event thrive with Bear IQ.

Tradeshow Marketing Data Enrichment
Elevate Your Trade Show Impact with Enhanced Marketing Data

Introducing Tradeshow Marketing Data Enrichment (TMDE) - a specialized data enrichment solution designed exclusively for tradeshows and event marketing. Our innovative approach transforms your tradeshow data into a powerful tool for targeted marketing strategies.

Key Features of TMDE:

  • Customized Data Enhancement: Tailored specifically to align with your event's unique metrics and data characteristics.

  • In-depth Behavioral Insights: Analyzes individual and organizational registration behaviors, providing deeper understanding of attendee profiles.

  • Demographic and Geographic Analysis: Delve into demographic trends and geographic influences based on the event location. 

  • Advanced Smart Codes Generation: on average, TMDE generates over 20 new smart codes, significantly enriching your marketing data for precise micro-segmentation

With TMDE, unlock the full potential of your tradeshow data. Our process not only enriches your existing database but also opens up new segmentation possibilities, previously challenging or unavailable. Power your results with smarter tradeshow data and achieve unparalleled marketing precision.

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