We help you sell more, spend less and predict future results all with world-class service.

You receive data that you can trust with insights that make sense to turn put them into actionable marketing efforts.

We help you fill the floor and seats of your events, understand how your marketing efforts are working,

all with data that is clean, segmented and reliable. 


Aligning your data to accomplish your marketing and analysis objectives is vital to improved marketing results. Data hygiene steps are the building blocks to your marketing campaign success. Thoughtful segmentation will achieve desired results and maximize statistically valid measurement.

Proper data alignment is more than just hygiene steps it is a powerful marketing ally and not just a cleansed list.



Event Performance and Attending Profiling dive into the dynamics of

what makes an event tick. These solutions help you:

  • Better understand how your events measure up from year to year.

  • Learn the dynamics of attending organizations. 

  • Examine the impact of first time attendees and new organizations to the show’s success.

  • Understand how this impacts of alternating venue locations.

  • Learn how to combat the dreaded "No Show" at your event. 

  • Gain valuable insight into behavior and demographics. 



How have all of your direct marketing efforts stacked up?

This analysis package determines:

  • Which direct marketing campaigns performed best

  • Which list segments are pulling their weight

  • Overall intra-channel and multi-channel benchmarks.

  • The number and type of touches to nurture a response

When you need to know what worked, and what didn't, this data module delivers. 



The EventTrack is the ultimate online Event Marketing Dashboard with multiple marketing views that examine your event data weekly with fresh updates from your registration data. 

Make marketing adjustments on the fly as your registration data flows in.  

EventTrack spotlights dozens of your essential event variables including attendance dynamics measuring last year's event and the current forecast providing data-driven marketing direction in real-time. 



Do you want all your marketing data with intelligent coding and relevant segmentation flags all in one place with online access?

You have that with  EventData HQ.


You have online access to all your data for all your marketing trade show or special event campaigns. Every contact is loaded with all their contact information, attendance history, and custom data elements for relevant segmentation. Select your data from over a dozen custom selections. Build your campaigns your way to fit your messaging profiles.


All of your campaign information and the data pulls are flagged for post-show analysis. The EventData HQ Database links to our EventTrack online dashboard product.


EventTrack Add-On Module

CampaignTrack is a powerful add-on module to the EventTrack dashboard.

This module loads each direct marketing campaign from your mail house, e-mail deployment system or telemarketing source. You'll have weekly comparisons between registration data to every campaign from all the available marketing channels. Your team will have access to a weekly full marketing touch attribution on each registration.


You'll know each week how every direct marketing channel, campaign, and segment is producing. This incredible dashboard upgrade lets event organizers make instant data-driven marketing adjustments to improve event ROI.



This data service group provides functional services such as data source research and acquisition as well as can-spam e-mail deployment services along with organic list development. RFM analysis is available in this service group.

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