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A Journey Through Time: The Story of Direct Hit Marketing


The Beginnings in the Early 90's  Once upon a time, in the early 1990's, a visionary named Steve, working from his basement office, founded Direct Hit Marketing. Transitioning from his role as a Vice President of Marketing at a prominent conference company, Steve, a CPA by profession, amalgamated his accounting experience with his marketing acumen. This fusion of skills yielded extraordinary results.

The Pitch and the Passion  Steve was relentless in his pursuit of excellence. He reached out to CEOs, CMOs, and marketing teams--essentially, anyone who would answer his calls. His fervor was evident in his mission: to provide top-tier service powered by data analytics. Steve's approach was transformative, focusing on reducing marketing inefficiencies and enabling smarter, data-driven decisions, steering away from baseless speculation.


Today our team works coast to coast, providing the same world-class service that Direct Hit Marketing was founded on. We bring a wide variety of life experience and business acumen to benefit our clients. 

Direct Hit Marketing Today  Fast forward to the present day. Direct Hit Marketing has grown exponentially. Our team, spread across the nation, remains dedicated to the foundational principles of the company. We pride ourselves on delivering the same elite service that has been our hallmark since inception. Our diverse team brings a rich tapestry of life experiences and business insights, all converging to benefit our valued clients.

Storytelling: A Fusion of Art and Science  With over 30 years of experience, we don't just narrate your tale; we elevate it through the power of data science. Our proficiency extends across diverse domains, including B2B sectors, Trade Shows & Associations, and the realm of Higher Education.

Harnessing the power of our advanced data analytics, we unearth valuable insights to strategically empower your business. Our focus areas are meticulously designed to:


  1. Boost Sales: Elevating your revenue through informed decision-making.

  2. Reduce Costs: Smart strategies for efficient resource allocation.

  3. Forecast Trends: Anticipating future market movements for a competitive edge.

Our commitment extends beyond just data analysis. We translate complex data into straightforward, actionable insights, ensuring that our strategies are not just smart, but also accessible. This approach is key to driving your marketing effectiveness and optimizing your budget with clarity and precision. Let us transform your data into a compelling story that resonates with success.

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