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Data Analytics Solutions

Data Simplified - Results Amplified!

We offer many marketing analysis data services that can help with just about any data scenario or issue.

Spend Less:

We believe that past history and experience is important to be validated and/or challenged with data analytics to determine what worked and what did not. This leads to spending future marketing dollars more cost efficiently or in essence, spending less to achieve the same or better result. Many of our 35 data modules uncover what produced the most cost effective result. Our results will help stretch your marketing dollars.

Sell More:

What result do you want to increase?

  • Sales dollar and unit volume

  • Registration and attendance

  • Margin and profit

  • Retention and customer loyalty


That's the first question; the second one is how are you going to do it? You answer the first question, and with data analytics we can help answer the second one. Let us deliver the insights and recommendations to increase your results.

Predict Future Results:

There are three levels of predictive analytics:

  1. Statistical valid testing of marketing campaigns and elements

  2. Basic predictive analytics

  3. Advanced predictive analytics


We know how to go from Level 1 to 3 with our data analytic experience and capability. Allow us to help you achieve your goals.

Data Analytics Service Groups
Click on each Service Group to learn more

          Event Track and Event Track Plus

          Tradeshow Marketing Data

          Event Performance and Attendee
          Profile Analysis

          Direct Marketing Multi-Channel 360

          Marketing Data Base Development
          Data Alignment Services
          Special Data Services

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