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The Attendee Profile and Trending Analysis data service provides a detailed examination of various facets of event attendance. Dis-cover and take action to improve your event's success KPIs that will drive quality attendance and increase show floor density.

Here's an overview:


  1. Attendance Dynamics Analysis: Focused on analyzing attendance patterns and trends over several years to identify fluctuations and recurring patterns.

  2. Organizational Attendance Analysis: Investigates the changing levels of participation from different organizations, helping to understand their evolving interests in your events.

  3. Impact of First-Time Attendees and New Organizations: Assesses the contribution of first-time attendees and new organizations to the event's success, determining their added value.

  4. Influence of Venue Changes: Examines how alterations in event venues affect success and how this impacts sponsor marketing strategies for better marketing returns.

  5. Geographical Bias and No-Show Rates: Identifies geographical attendance biases and areas with high no-show rates, aiding in more effective targeting and engagement.

  6. Retention Insights and Attendee Loyalty: Analyzes the characteristics of loyal attendees versus one-time attendees, providing insights for strategies to boost retention.

  7. Behavioral and Demographic Trends: Offers insights into various behavior and demographic trends among attendees, including age, profession, and interests, essential for targeted marketing and event planning.

  8. Customizability and Flexibility: Comprises 16 modules, allowing clients to select and pay for only what they need, ensuring tailored analysis for specific requirements.


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