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Title & Function Classification Analysis & Coding

A data element that is found on almost all B-to-B databases and yet is neglected, or at least under-utilized, is the use of B-to-B titles in segmentation and messaging. Segmentation opportunities can prove to be fruitful if handled correctly.


So why are titles avoided as an option in segmentation? Most B-to-B marketers do not apply well thought out data standards to capture this key data element; therefore, this data element becomes a “train-wreck” to work with.

We have a database of over 400,000 plus titles with their common truncation and abbreviations. We can provide a functional class and title level class on almost all the titles in your database no matter how ugly the title data element is.




  • Improve messaging and segmentation offers

  • Provides a benchmark of titles and functions which will show you how to improve your data standards

  • Better understand which titles are involved in the sales funnel based on the specific product or service

  • Title level and functional area groups may now be linked within your database with product codes, service types, as well as with firmagraphic information to create sophisticated marketing options that will provide new analytical insights and messaging opportunities

  • Reduces marketing cost, gives insight to increase revenue & attendance, and helps your marketing team to predict future results

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