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Story telling is an art and science, and we tell your story with data science. We have 25 years writing and presenting these stories in the B2B, Trade Show & Association and Higher Education markets.
Using our data analytic capabilities we develop insights that are actionable in these major areas:​​
We present these results in plain English that leads to marketing optimization and budget efficiency.
We do this using a 7 step process:
Over our 25 years, we have told many data stories to small, medium and large clients - we would like to tell yours!
  • Sell More - increase marketing and sales results
  • Spend Less - decrease the marketing expenses deployed to drive these results
  • Predict - understand what will be the most effective campaigns and communications
  1. First listening to your data questions and needs, and then agreeing on realistic objectives and expectations. This is a give and take conversation that leads to a customized project budget. 
  2. Next we insure your data meets hygiene and standardization norms. If not, we improve it.
  3. We then select from our 35 data modules and build the custom database or analysis package.
  4. Data results and report sets are closely inspected for data accuracy and reliability
  5. We then write a detailed report on findings and insights combined with our recommendations on next actions you should take.
  6. presentation logically follows with you and/or staff in an easy to understand visual report. This presentation is either in person, via conference call or both. 
  7. We provide post project support in helping you execute the recommendations into new successful marketing strategies. 
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