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Non-Responsive Location Protocol

With the rising cost per impression for direct marketing campaigns, it has become more important to leverage the marketing budget by limiting pieces into organizations or locations that have been non-responsive for a long period of time.

This is especially important when you are mailing prospect lists as their cost per piece hosts a list rental cost factor on top of all the other direct mail costs.


The Non Responsive Location (NRL) filtering analysis will examine all mailings at the location level and monitor the number of direct marketing impressions going into each location.


For locations that receive high levels of direct marketing impressions and have not responded after a pre-determined time, a special algorithm can be built into future campaigns to limit the marketing investment into these locations until the location becomes responsive.


By focusing a reduced number of impressions to only the most responsive titles or segments, direct mail marketing ROI may be improved and a significant direct mail cost savings may be taken to each direct mail campaign’s bottom-line.



  • Reduce marketing investments in non-responsive locations

  • Redirect savings to campaigns that offer a better ROI

  • Limit pieces into locations to focus the impressions on only the most responsive titles or functional areas

  • Reduces marketing cost

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