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Campaign Database Build -

Multi-channel Domestic & International  

It is important that your campaign database be built by marketing

experts to ensure that it has the best chance for success and that it is

designed to support superior analysis techniques. This data development

should be set-up by data scientists who understand your marketing objectives as a

well as the importance of future data analysis to help you understand what worked and what did not. 


A campaign database build is not just a merging and purging of data.

Beyond the obvious data hygiene steps (DPV, CASS, and NCOA), your campaign database should be used to stage the data in a way that will reach the best contacts within each B2B location and segmented to maximize statistically valid measurement. Your database should also be set-up to differentiate responsive vs. non-responsive locations so that different mailing tactics may be employed. It should be designed to be a powerful marketing ally and not just a cleansed list.



  • We have all the resources available to hygiene, standardize, dedupe records and pull segments to target with specific messaging. 

  • Reduces marketing cost

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