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Response & Registration Curve Analysis

A standard analysis module for event marketing. It is very useful for any event that has 90 to 180 days or more in its marketing calendar. This is a stand-alone analysis package however to obtain certain views such as first timer versus repeat attendee does require additional data science processing. It looks at registrations on a weekly bases from the first registration to the onsite sign-ups on the day of the event.


Many clients have us break this out and create registration curve views for various types of registrations such as (International vs. Domestic, Member vs. Non Member, and Repeat Attendee vs. First Time Attendee). We can customize views to your requirements and data availability.


  • Know your registration curve half life

  • Examine the impact of "Early Bird" or specific offers

  • Know the response curve differences for domestic vs international

  • Be able to make better predictions at any time frame prior to your event

  • Helps your marketing team to predict future results

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