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List Research,  Acquisition (Data Sourcing) Services

The first consideration when having someone help you research and make data source recommendations is that they truly are independent and free from bias in their recommendations. Direct Hit is not a list manager and does not own list management properties. We take an unbiased approach in our list research and recommendation process for each client.


We use client parameters and marketing analysis information to make list recommendations that are tempered with over 25 years of B2B list performance knowledge and experience.


As your independent representative, we will negotiate best terms and rates to save you money.


It is important to have a partner who knows which lists are the best performers, best maintained, and which data sources to absolutely avoid.



  • We're not a list manager and do not own list management properties - we choose the best available data sources to fit your marketing focus

  • It's important to have a partner who knows which data sources and lists are the best performers and best maintained that fit your campaign

  • We know which data sources to avoid

  • Gives insight to increase revenue & attendance

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