Aligning your data to accomplish your marketing and analysis objectives is vital to improved marketing results. Proper data alignment is more than just hygiene steps it is a powerful marketing ally and not just a cleansed list.

Campaign Databases:

Multi-channel Domestic & International

A campaign database build is not just merging and purging of data. We go beyond the obvious data hygiene steps (DPV, CASS, and NCOA), your campaign database should be used to stage the data in a way that will reach the best contacts within each B2B location and segmented to maximize statistically valid measurement. Your database should also be set-up to differentiate responsive vs. non-responsive locations so that different mailing tactics may be employed. It should be designed to be a powerful marketing ally and not just a cleansed list.

  1. Domestic Direct Mail Campaign Database Builds

  2. International Direct Mail Campaign Database Builds

  3. E-mail Campaign Database Builds

  4. Telemarketing Campaign Database Builds

  5. Non Responsive Location Analysis Application

  6. Title Maximizer 

  7. Data Enrichment and Enhancement

  8.  Master Marketing Database Design & Development


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